It’s here! Cast Call for Gridiron 2022


OK, folks, it’s for real this time.

Gridiron 2022: Scarier than ever! is coming to a theater near you Oct. 29.

This Halloween-themed event of a lifetime will feature all the colorful characters you’ve come to know and love (or hate) and plenty of new ones, too!

Cast call is set for 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27, at the new digs of the much-vaunted San Antonio Express-News, long a supporter of the fundraising, fun-raising Gridiron show.

Now most of you know our recent history. Just as the coronavirus was finally releasing its stranglehold on the community and most everybody was easing back into the colorful whirl of the San Antonio social scene, COVID-19’s nasty delta variant emerged. And then came omicron.

With too many people still refusing to get vaccinated and more and more people tiring of wearing masks, the better-safe-than-sorry producers of Gridirion 2021 opted for another virtual show and work began in earnest.

But it was not to be. The pandemic proved too tough a cookie. We ended up with no show at all in 2021. Que lastima (much sadness).

But never fear: Our intrepid team of would-be thespians and our never-say-die fans were not to be denied! In response, the producers decided to go with a live show this year in our usual fall spot. Yes! Viva Gridiron 2022!

Work has begun on the eye-rolling skits, ridiculously silly videos and amazingly complex dance numbers to showcase the past year’s infamous, glorious and sometimes squeamish moments of note. The Gridiron production and script meetings will be in person and livestream — now that’s convenient!

Major matters have been in hot debate.

Who’s going to be in the cool cameos? Will Monkeypox come into play? What song will Michael Quintanilla choose for his video?

For those who saw it, “Gridiron 2020: Socially Distant” was a riot! And that’s not just us talking; we heard at least a few good reviews that didn’t come from our Moms. Honest! We left the 2020 logo in the space above for now as a tribute, and because artist Joaquin Herrera did a really nice job on it.

So much has happened since the 2020 show. Good, bad and just plain awful. Plenty of fodder for our slightly off-kilter team. Just wait until you see what we have coming for you this year — there’s going to be something to offend everyone, you know it. Tía Janie will bring out the chancla for sure!


The creative mind of Entertainer Extraordinaire Michael Quintanilla is bursting with ideas, as are the brains of Director/Choreographer Francisco Saucedo Jr. and Executive Producers Nora López and David Elizondo.

We’re looking at another tour de farce, folks! Start saving those nickels and dimes and make plans to join us Oct. 29 for Gridiron 2022, coming to a theater to be announced soon!



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