Gridiron 2021 is a go!


The coronavirus pandemic is finally releasing its stranglehold on the community, and many people are easing back into the whirl of the San Antonio social scene. We’re still staying a few feet apart and wearing masks when out in public, but most of us have begun emerging from our homes and are starting to mingle again.

Isn’t it great?!?

Never ones to be left behind, our intrepid team of would-be thespians is already working on the 2021 Gridiron show. The meetings are still via Zoom — safety (and convenience!) first, y’know

Of course, there are major matters to consider.

Who’s going to be in the cool cameos? Will The Donald make a comeback? What song will Michael Quintanilla choose for his video this year?

Before any of that, though, there’s something even more important we’re asking ourselves:

To be virtual or to be live: that is the question — whether ’tis nobler to go live on stage and risk the flubs and follies that embarrass us but have the audience ROTFL or whether to keep it safely on an electronic screen. It’s butchering the Bard, yeah, but it’s not like we haven ‘t done that before.

At any rate, that question has not yet been answered. But keep an eye on this space. You’ll know as soon as we do!

Meanwhile, the writers (who shall remain anonymous to protect their innocent families) are cooking up skits, videos, musical numbers and maybe a conga line to showcase this year’s infamous, occasionally glorious — and, OK, sometimes squeamish — happenings.

Gridiron 2020: Socially Distant was a riot! And that’s not just us talking; we heard at least a few good reviews that didn’t come from our Moms. Honest! We left last year’s logo in the space above for now as a tribute, and because artist Joaquin Herrera did a really nice job on it.

So much has happened since last year’s show, though. Good, bad and just plain awful. Plenty of fodder for our slightly off-kilter team. Just wait until you see what we have coming for you this year — there’s going to be something to offend everyone, you know it. Tía Janie will bring out the chancla for sure!


The creative mind of Entertainer Extraordinaire Michael Quintanilla is bursting with ideas, as are the brains of Director/Choreographer Francisco Saucedo Jr. and Executive Producers Nora López and David Elizondo.

We’re looking at another tour de farce, folks! Start saving those nickles and dimes and make plans to join us this fall for Gridiron 2021. We’ll give you the date (dates?) here just as soon as we get it confirmed.



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