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Gridiron 2020: Socially Distant / Director’s Cut

Sure the novel coronavirus is surging just as the holiday season should be getting merrier — so it’s the perfect time for the San Antonio Gridiron 2020 Socially Distant Director’s Cut!

Stay safe indoors and watch this special edition on YouTube, premiering next week, Friday, Dec. 18, at 7 p.m.

It’s the same boisterous spoof of local, state and national politicians and news events but with more offensive skits, more raised eyebrows, more gasps of “can they DO that?”  — it’s the show the Society of Professional Journalists-San Antonio board deemed too hot for the general public. But everybody has run out of things to binge watch, so the board has relented and allowed the cast and crew to let ‘er rip!

It’s all for a good cause anyway: scholarships for the next generation of truth-tellers, the journalists.

Tickets are just $20 each — but a VIP ticket at $30 gives you a chance at some nifty door prizes, including gift cards from Blanca Aldaco’s amazing Stone Oak Restaurant, which offers mouthwatering Mexican cuisine in an inviting setting; delectable charcuterie boxes from Chef Johnny Hernandez’s visionary True Flavors Catering; and more!

The show lasts nearly two hours and the first showing runs in its entirety. Once that first showing is over, however, you can tune in anytime you like to see the show whenever your little heart desires or to impress a date if you’re that bold, rewinding and fast forwarding to your favorite parts, until access to the show ends at 11 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 20.

We are are still thankful to our sponsors: WellMed, University Health, H-E-B, VIA Metropolitan Transit and the San Antonio Express-News.

If you haven’t already seen the first edition, Entertainer Extraordinare Michael Quintanilla will wow you with the heartwarming, joyous performances he’s drawn from first responders and front-line health care workers and all kinds of officials. And if you haven’t seen it yet — just wait till you see what they have in store for you!

Rest assured that Director/Choreographer Francisco Saucedo Jr., Cinematographer Gary Cooper and Executive Producers Nora López and David Elizondo have prepared another tour de force, folks. Well, a tour de farce, anyway.

Over the years, the Society of Professional Journalists – San Antonio chapter has awarded tens of thousands of dollars to scores of college students and our wonderful, long-suffering audiences have been the reason.

Be a sport and join us again! Buy your tickets now — only $20 — and/or donate generously. The kids appreciate it!

Happy Holidays!

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